Meet the Team

I am Sharon, I trade as Lyndale Housekeeping Service. I returned to Braunton after years of working in Law in London. With a new baby and needing an income I returned to work and also took weekend work cleaning for a local holiday agent. It was while working at Lampard Community School I realised there was a need within the local community for a cleaning company that could tailor itself to special needs, illness and disability. I started this business as I believed I could offer a service to local families, elderly and the seasonal trade on the North Devon coastline where I live. Within a week I had a full time business.

Covering from Torrington through to Combe Martin and all towns and villages in between a team is available.  We are always on hand to assist.

This has been 21 years in the making 1996 to present!

The Team

"You may see a few other cheery faces join our team during the busy summer months..."

Also in the background helping us are Chris our Accountant & Michael Collins our web designer at Rebel Boy Media.

Whether it is the needs of a person or family of the local community or someone who has chosen Devon to purchase their second home or holiday business, that home maybe your largest asset and trusting someone to care for your home may be quite daunting for some. Once I have been entrusted with your home I will take good care of your property. I want your business to thrive too, it is also my business. We take pride in our work and know you are welcoming people into your home with the anticipation that they themselves will want to return but will also recommend your home to friends and family for their breaks and special occasions. We want that to happen too. The holiday business is a very competitive market and we want families to return to North Devon.

The business has grown and I have carried on listening to the people and friends I work for locally, the businesses that trade locally and of course the holiday makers that return each year. Taking advice, listening to the needs of others and relaying those ideas to the appropriate person has built strong foundations for a good working relationship and friendship and firm links with the local business community. We are all individuals and each household or holiday home is an individual concern ran in a unique way to suit that homeowner and their needs.

Lyndale Housekeeping Service works as a team. We work in teams of 3, each person with a particular task. Any additional tasks or extra personal touches are discussed and carried through to the best of the team's ability. Everyone's point of view is considered. Each season additional younger members are recruited to help us through the busy summer season, these additions are a vital part of our team effort.

Work Experience Scheme

We are members of the Devon Education Business Partnership to take on school age work experience children. I am now able to offer the work experience scheme so please contact me if interested.

Find out more about the scheme here -

Business Insurance

I have business insurance covering up to £10,000,000.