Holiday Home Management & Cleaning

Most people have their own idea of holiday home management and the standard that they require and is required by the holiday business generally.

After initially meeting and discussing the way you want your home portrayed and the way in which you would like your business ran; if you are running the home as your own business concern I am happy to offer any advice. If an agent is advising you on the setting up of your home, I am able to offer advice and support during the set up period and transition to business. I am able to offer:

  • any advice you may want in setting up your holiday home
  • carrying out the agents instructions incorporating your ideas
  • delivery of furniture, assembly of, setting up the house
  • arranging any tradesmen to attend
  • dressing house in readiness of any photography
  • attending to any annual safety checks, agents inspection, photographs for brochures and websites
  • installation of any recommended fire equipment
  • arranging any re-upholstery
  • arranging any new blinds and curtains
  • arranging installation of key safe and holding key
  • holiday booking system direct with the agent or yourself
  • first point of contact with the agent/holiday maker for directions and key handover if required
  • your house should now be ready for business


  • whatever the length of break the home will always be cleaned on the day of departure in readiness of any additional business you may acquire or for a break for yourselves and friends
  • the home is deep cleaned
  • all wet rooms, shower screens, tiles, baths, basins are dried and buffed
  • all chrome or metallic surfaces are dried and polished
  • laundry and linen are collected and laundered in readiness of next booking
  • recycling and bins are managed
  • recycling and bins are emptied weekly/fortnightly and returned to the home on the designated day
  • trade waste can be arranged
  • the house is set up in readiness of guest arrival
  • purchase of parking permits if required on a weekly or seasonal basis
  • purchase and replacement of any broken items on the inventory on a like for like basis
  • complimentary tea tray and biscuits provided (seasonal extras added from time to time)
  • a local information pack is provided specifically for this area with any special offers for that particular week
  • a guide to local businesses for fresh produce and local goods
  • leaflets to those little places you only ever find on the last day of your holiday!
  • a clean and well maintained hot tub or swimming pool, filters changed, chemicals added and checked throughout week
  • we offer a steam cleaning service of bathrooms, tiles, carpets, ovens etc.
  • pressure washing of any outdoor areas
  • full range of baby equipment hire including wooden cots
  • an on call service until 10pm every day of the break
  • maintenance and call out when required
  • any additions an owner may require
  • I am vegetarian so can recommend local places to purchase goods and also great menu's locally
  • my child has a nut allergy so I am acutely aware of health issues, any goods I leave in your home for your guests will be nut free

Laundry Service

From September 2014 prices include washing, drying and pressing of items No VAT will be added. The Price quoted is what you pay.

We are delighted to have our own premises to carry out all our own changeover washing, we hope that it will add a more personal touch to our service. Whilst we have been enormously grateful to our dedicated laundry team in Somerset for over 7 years we felt that as the company grew it was always a service we wanted to be able to offer but on a commercial basis than on a simplistic "at home" system using domestic equipment. Finding the right time, premises and opportunity as well as financially has taken time but we are now ready (Sept 2014). We now have 7 commercial machines and 7 commercial dryers as well as a commercial ironing press to do that job. For our long standing clients this will be incorporated into the services we already carry out for them.

For new clients we are now able to offer a full laundry service - all changeover requirements for holiday homes, bed & breakfast establishments, private houses, hairdressing towels, sports kits, sleeping bags, rugs, blanketsand bedspreads, duvets and pillows (including feather).


If a guest needs specialised equipment I can source that locally. Homes will be set up prior to arrival if that is the request of the guest. We have been asked to cater for disabilities, severe disability, chronic illness etc e.g. ME, MS, kidney dialysis, Parkinsons; and are only too happy to do so. Health professionals will cater to your needs by contacting the health authority for this area for the additional support of MacMillan nurses, District Nurses. I have always been happy as a back up for calls to the Doctor and Hospital should the need arise. Extra care and cleaning can be arranged via the owner/agent if the guest needs on call visits during the week.

Waitress Service

I have been called upon before to arrange staff for special events at homes e.g. weddings and christenings. We are always happy to do this. I can recommend local caterers or help the guest with any arrangements already in place.

Weddings/Parties/Family Gatherings

Over time we have been asked to help arrange these special days, it is always very nice to be part of someone's special day. We have had several wedding parties in the holiday homes over the years, along with birthdays and joint birthday parties of several generations of family. I have arranged local bands, disco's and even a steel band and pig roast. Any request is considered and if we can help or grant that wish we will cater for your guests. We have a local supplier for wines, beers, draught ale (brewed locally) and a glass hire service. We are always happy to waitress and of course clean up after.

Extra Housekeeping

Some larger parties like to arrange midweek cleans, this is available via the home owner or the agent and we are happy to attend.

Summer Downpours

Placement of welcome packs and literature, any guidance we can offer will help your guest to enjoy the most of their break. We try to keep the homes stocked with games, puzzles, dvds etc. Wi-fi, Sky and Freeview are often requested but for some the traditional family break is what they have come for.

Autumn and Winter Breaks

I will arrive at the house to put on the heating and hot water prior to arrival so the house is warm and aired. If the light is fading I will put on lamps and any outside lighting. It gives a warm and welcoming feeling for your guest.

The Winter Weather

Due to the severe weather we have experienced I carry out extra property checks throughout the cold spells. I will visit each home weekly and check the interior, set heating, check pipes, turn water off etc to maintain your home during such spells. Likewise outside the home, keep paths clear, clear away tree branches and any other hazards that may be caused. Any authority is automatically called if there is a dangerous or hazardous situation. I have an excellent bank of local tradesmen.


Occasionally you may be left with a guest if you accept pets into your home. If a guest has had a pet in your home we automatically treat the carpets on arrival at the house to prevent any problems at a later date!

Septic Tanks

From time to time blockages do occur. Extra bins are automatically left and labeled in each bathroom. A page in the information literature will have a politely worded paragraph concerning the septic tank. If a blockage does occur a local firm can be arranged to "rod". Arrangements can be made to have the septic tank emptied when needed.

Laundry Service

A full laundry service is offered. On a weekly basis, or on a timetable to suit your holiday bookings, I can pick up your linen and have it washed, pressed and aired in readiness of your next booking. This service can also be offered to local homes. I can take all sheets, duvet covers, blankets, throws, towels, bath mats, tea towels, oven gloves, table cloths. Larger items e.g. quilts etc can be taken for cleaning. I will deliver all items back in readiness of your next booking.

Linen & Towel Hire

Some properties do not offer linen when a home is booked. Some second homes ask their friends to provide their own linen and towels. I have a full stock of linen and towels to hire for these times. I can provide linen and towels at very short notice so if you have forgotten to pack yours do not worry.


Gardening can be arranged to suit the homeowner and the holiday homeowner.

Late Arrivals/Autumn and Winter Breaks

I will go to the booked house whether by owner or holidaymaker and put on lamps, heating and water. I will make sure any outdoor lighting is switched to come on for their arrival.

I am pleased to be able to offer these additional services that may be beneficial to your holiday home not necessarily on a regular basis but to know that a service can be put in place to secure a booking, to bring in more business for your holiday home, to be recommended and therefore generate enquiries and trade for the future.

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