Commercial Premises Cleaning

Commercial Premises

We are able to attend your premises on a daily or weekly basis to maintain your premises, showroom(s), office area, reception and washroom area.

The Summer of 2015 has been extremely busy for us. We have been entrusted with the smooth running of a hotel (200 rooms a day) plus cottages, a farm cottage complex (a farmhouse and 3 cottages), a mansion (sleeping 24 with hot tub, games room, indoor bbq area) and 2 holiday homes while the owners of these businesses took care of other business interests in the UK and France. If you plan an extended stay out of the UK or have other commitments, we are happy to assist.

Steam Cleaning

We also offer a steam cleaning service of bathrooms, tiles, carpets, ovens etc.

Laundry Service

From September 2014 prices include washing, drying and pressing of items No VAT will be added. The Price quoted is what you pay.

We are delighted to have our own premises to carry out all our own changeover washing, we hope that it will add a more personal touch to our service. Whilst we have been enormously grateful to our dedicated laundry team in Somerset for over 7 years we felt that as the company grew it was always a service we wanted to be able to offer but on a commercial basis than on a simplistic "at home" system using domestic equipment. Finding the right time, premises and opportunity as well as financially has taken time but we are now ready (Sept 2014). We now have 7 commercial machines and 7 commercial dryers as well as a commercial ironing press to do that job. For our long standing clients this will be incorporated into the services we already carry out for them.

For new clients we are now able to offer a full laundry service - all changeover requirements for holiday homes, bed & breakfast establishments, private houses, hairdressing towels, sports kits, sleeping bags, rugs, blanketsand bedspreads, duvets and pillows (including feather).